Starksboro’s Solar Project

Background on the Solar Installation

In October of 2010 a 100kW solar project was installed in a field behind Robinson Elementary School in Starksboro, VT.  Technically, it’s two separate projects with 24 kW going to the Town of Starksboro half dozen different electric accounts and the other 76kW going toward Robinson Elementary’s electric account. This type of virtual credit allocation is made possible by VT’s Group Net Metering rules.

The solar installation uses the AllSun Tracker, a dual axis solar tracker manufactured in Williston, VT by AllEarth Renewables, Inc.  The trackers move throughout the day according to a program that calculates the GPS coordinates of the installation as well as the date and the time of day. With this information the AllSun Tracker maintains a perpendicular angle to the sun at all times, boosting annual energy production by 40% over non-tracking solar systems.   Find out how much energy they are making here (projects #246 and #247).

Starksboro Solar in the News

  • The Vermont Natural Resource Council Completed a case study on the Starksboro project. Check out the whole story here!
  • The Burlington Free Press had a great Sunday Feature article on Robinson Elementary and the Solar Project. Check it out here!

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